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I Made A Thing To Make Other Things –

I made a thing to make other things – and it’s absolutely HUGE!

What is this Huge, wonderful thing that will assist in other things?

Why a Design Wall for Quilting of course!

So, you may ask – what’s so special about this wall?  WELL.  deep subject

Here she is!  She measures – 83″ x 93″  Bonus – it’s double sided!  That’s right folks, I can work on 2 projects at once if I so choose.  This gives me a happy.


Actually, it’s a pretty easy answer – I can take it apart and store it with very little space!

It’s made from one of my favorite materials to work with – PVC Pipe.  That’s right, I built a frame from PVC pipe. 3/4″ to be exact.  I also purchased 3 3 yard cuts of 72″ wide felt from JoAnn’s and seamed them together along the length.  The third cut I only used roughly 21″ wide, but the full 3 yards length.  After that was stitched up, I simply closed the top with a seam.  Voila!  Double sided Design Wall

Just so you can see, here is my frame being built in the sun room –

wall frame

I was going to end the post here, but I’ll admit my bonehead move –  you see, I built this in the sun-room, and when I finally finished wrestling the felt and pipes getting the cover on, I was ecstatic!

Then I then realized I couldn’t get it through the door to my office/studio!

washdinosIf you’re a firefly fan, you’ll understand…

So, I had to wait for the man to get home………. and then we moved her into the office/studio.  Now it’s shiny and happy waiting to be used.

And of course I did have to try it…. I used some of my HST’s for my table runner…



Once I square up my HST’s, I’ll stick them on the wall and show you….

So, what do you think?


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Has it really been that long?!?

I just looked back at the date of my last post, and, well…. I could make a grandiose excuse while telling you that Clutch had complete control of my computer and iPad and was trying to take over the world while demanding all the bones and cookies to keep him fat and happy.

I wouldn't dream of doing that

But, I will say, Clutch is very, very demanding!

But cute! Just look at that face!

Speaking of time slips….

I dug out the sweater I was knitting for one of my boys a few years ago. Why didn't I finish it??

Well, you see, he decided to weight lift, and bulked up. The body of the sweater DIDN'T FUCKING FIT!! This made me die a little and cry inside.

I sighed, and put it in a bag, in a dark corner and covered it up with stash yarn.

This is the offending almost sweater…


Just for shits and giggles, I tried it on…. Guess what? IT FUCKING FITS ME

Now, you would think this is a great thing!

Alas, no. I can't figure out where I left off. I tried!


Sooooooo, I'm gonna FROG this beautifully squishy almost sweater, and start swatching for an even more FABOLOUS sweater for ME.



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Yet, I want to cast on more!!

Yup, I said it. I want to CAST ON MORE KNITTING projects!

As promised, this is my mountian of WIPs — If you are the type to easily faint, look away…don't faint

Total count — 23 WIPs

This is including those projects I have yarn for, made a project page in Ravelry for and haven't really casted on yet. I did do a gauge swatch for them, so I'm counting them.

It is a very surreal moment when you lay all your WIPs out in front of you. After I had them all out, taken the picture, LAUGHED MYSELF FUCKING SILLY, organized them, and put them away, I realized I had forgotten 1 MORE!

The BF wasn't at home at the time I did this! Thank Goddess!

I did decide that 3 of them will be FROGGED. One is a towel that I was knitting and quickly lost interest in, one is a pair of socks (surprised?) that they yarn is not right for, there is NO definition in the cables, and that makes me a very cranky Mooney, and the third is a sweater I was knitting for Colby. He decided to start lifting weights and has bulked up…so….. a FROGGING I shall go with them.

Ok, so now I'm down to 20 WIPs.

I'm hoping who the hell am I kidding? I'm gonna cast on something else soon. You know it, and I know it, I'm just better at denining it. to finish the Blue Day sock and my shawl this month…or come pretty damn close.

What to do with them? They are all safely tucked away….outta sight. Except for the projects I'm currently knitting on, which are next to my chair at the kitchen bar in the corner.

But that will change in a week or so. Xmas is coming. Yea, that's right, I said it…I really really REALLY have to work on his Xmas stocking! And there is my T.A.R.D.I.S. cowl I want to wear this winter, and my shawl this fall, and I'm running a Blue Day Sock KAL so I have been a good girl and knittinng on my sock.

Remember at the begining of this post, I had said I wanted to CAST ON MORE? I do. shame

But I want to cast on at least 2 Xmas presents for the BF. It would be fantastic if I could get a pair of boot socks done and a nice thick double knit hat. I've been looking at patterns today and last night. doesn't fucking surprise anyone, right? That is my plan as of 5pm on Sept. 6, 2013. This can and problaly will change within a few hours. I tend to do that. A LOT.

Starting with the next post, I'll show you my Blue Day Socks WIP …. yes, I know I just linked it…I'm shameless.


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KADHD…. My big Knitting Problem!!!

Hi, I’m Mooney…. I have a knitting problem…… KADHD…..

.This is what happens when a knitter, almost ANY KNITTER sees a pattern, *Obsesses* about the pattern, must find yarn for the pattern, and the Addiction doesn’t stop until the knitter casts on!!

Then comes the black hole of WIPs!!

Another *SHINY* pattern!


And repeat!!

Then the Knitter starts making *excuses* why it’s *OK TO KNIT THIS.*

The Knitter starts muttering stuff like…

–* Winter is coming! I HAVE TO STAY WARM WITH THIS SCARF!!]! It’s totaly ok if i spend a few days learning how to Double Knit! OMB It will be soo warm and squishy and sooooo cool looking! Everyone will bow to my AWESOMENESS!!

–* Think of the children!! I MUST KNIT THIS BLANKET FOR CHARITY!! Cause I do have this acrylic yarn just laying here! I’ll just go buy ONE MORE SKEIN for it! No Big Deal! And it will be AWESOME!! People’s Jaw’s will drop that I spent 3 days figuring out how to do this cable!!

–* Fall is almost here! I REALLY NEED THIS SHAWL I STARTED LAST YEAR!! I can totally wear it this year!! and yes, it will be AWESOME!!

–* I CAN TOTALY KNIT THE OTHER SOCK FOR THIS KAL!! I don’t have THAT MUCH TO DO… I can rock this! then I will have another PAIR OF SOCKS for the Fall & Winter this year!!

–* SOCK IN A SOCK?!?! Of Course I can do that!! That is my travel knitting!! I NEED TRAVEL KNITTING!! Then I will have another PAIR OF SOCKS!! And they will all bow when I pull the socks apart!! They will throw cookies to me!!

–* WHY CAN’T I WORK ON THIS CARDI FOR NEXT SPRING?? I’m working on it here and there…. It’s here, and when I feel like it, I’ll be there, knitting it! It’s kinda travel knitting….almost….just for when I don’t wanna work on the other ones….BECAUSE I CAN THAT’S WHY I’M KNITTING IT then when it’s done, and I’m wearing it in the Spring, it will be AWESOME!!

Then the Knitter starts thinking about the *others*….the ones that are sitting in the corner….under the TV…..the one’s waiting to be finished for Xmas and before…..the one’s she started LAST YEAR or the YEAR BEFORE! The HORROR!!

“I can totally get that knitted for him *before Xmas” HE WILL LOVE HIS XMAS STOCKING!….so what that I didn’t finish it last year. I can finish it.”

MY T.A.R.D.I.S. COWL!! I will so TOTALLY finish you!!! I want to wear you!! I’ll add you to the bag next week!! It will feel like I started a new project, but I don’t have to worry, cause you are already started!!

I wonder what new patterns showed up? *clicks on Patterns and starts adding them to the Queue like a Squirrel stashes nuts!!* I’m soo going to knit that next week!! I need MOAR YARNZ!!!

I’m Mooney….and I’m a Knitter….I have KADHD

this is my shame…. what’s yours???

The projects in the picture are what I am *actually knitting on at the moment*. Why yes, I am nuts, why do you ask??

In the next couple of posts I’ll share ALL.THE.WIPs!

There may even be a picture with all of them! I’m debating spreading them out on the floor in front of the BF, but he might have a stroke!

…that’s a whole ‘nother post!

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OMG! Immaculate Baking Co. Dairy Free Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Ok, just let me say

– I was frickn EXCITED to find these today!

Wheat free and Dairy free!  Dairy free!  I’m still excited!  I honestly never thought I would find anything like this in Market Basket!  To make it even better (can it get better?  yes!) They only cost $2.50!

OMG, OMG, OMG!  I just took my first bite—OMG these are AMAZING!!!

It is even Honey approved!  He is eating his fourth now….HE WILL BUY ME MORE TOMORROW!

Here are those lovely cookies before baking:


and here they are cooling —- they look soooooo yummy!


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Strung Up Cake and My Favorite Frozen Thang


I couldn’t find a heat proof glass bottle to hang my Chocolate Angel Food Cake on, so I strung it up!
The large wisk we have worked like a charm!  I just tied the end of it to the handle of the kitchen cabinet with cooking string (cotton) and wella!

What I used for the cake:

Duncan Hines Angel Food Cake Mix
1/3 cup dark cocoa powder
1 1/3 cup water

Mix the cake mix and cocoa together
Add water and bake per instructions on the box.

Now I’m debating if I want to glaze it.

Ooooooooo. It would be soooo good with my ‘soft serve ice cream’!

Point wise, 1/12 is 3 points
And my ice cream is free!

Soft Serve ‘Ice Cream

1 – 1 1/2 cups frozen blueberries or strawberries or BOTH. 🙂
1 banana unfrozen
2 tbsp vanilla (optional)
2 heaping kitchen TBSPs dark cocoa powder (optional)

Put everything into the food processor
This will be somewhat loud, turn it on and process
You will have to stop and scrape the sides down, but only 2 or 3 times.  I found out if the banana is NOT frozen, it processes sooooo much faster!
Now you can also make this with just banana, just cut up the banana, and freeze, then process.
When you have a consistency you like, scrape into another bowl, eat or freeze.

If you do freeze it, when your ready to eat, just pop into the microwave for 30 seconds ( make sure it’s microwave safe! ), or let sit on the counter for a bit.  Your choice.  Personally, I can’t wait for it to sit on the counter!

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Sock Design — Phase 1 Complete! 6/24/11

Yea!!!  Finally I have the INITIAL pattern finished!

Now I need a NAME for these socks!

I was going to name them ‘Blue Day Socks’ — would it still be a fitting name if made in a different color?  Probably not.  Any suggestions?
I wanted to share the news, I’m just ecstatic!  I spent 3 days experimenting with cast off edges— ugg!  I am happy the way it came out!
Sorry if the pictures are a little funny, I really need Sock Blockers.


Next phase, I must cast on, and test out the pattern myself, and put the final touches on the written pattern.

The Pattern will be for sale on Ravelry.  I’ll post an announcement here for all of you knitters. 🙂

A knitting I shall go!   🙂