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Introducing ——- Clutch the Puggle!

We got him on March 21, 2010 two days before my B-day. He was 8 weeks old when we brought him home, he is now 12 weeks old. (How’s that for an excuse for not blogging for a while!?)

Here is one of Clutch at 8 weeks old:
Staying warm 3/23/10

As far as knitting goes, I did manage to make him a hooded sweatshirt the first week:
Clutch 046
Clutch 050

Needless to say we have been training— a lot! Right now we are learning to ring a bell to go outside. He’s catching on fairly quick. He saw a neighbor walking down the street, and he rang the bell. He wanted OUT! LOL

I will leave you with a few more pics of Clutch the Puggle!!!

Clutch the Puggle



Now a retired driver, I’ve become a Knitwear designer. We also run an Etsy shop. Stitch Markers, embroidered items and bags. I knit, a lot and have recently journeyed into designing. I love socks! The warmth and pride of making my own socks. The joy of someone else begging you to knit them a pair. Other hobbies (obsessions) include - sewing, (I’ve also just started a quilting project!), weaving, spinning, machine embroidery, counted cross stitch, playing with King Clutch the Puggle, and the Friday night drag races with my man. I also deal with Dysautonomia/POTS everyday. Life is a roller coaster.

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