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Add Sewing to the mix

Recently I went back to sewing.  Before you gasp and exclaim ‘ What about the knitting?! ‘ I’m still knitting, just not as much.  Yes, the yarn is crying to be picked up.    I just wanted to complete a project in less than a week. The P.O.T.S. days don’t help much either!  Hint: that’s when I knit.  ;0)

I have completed 3 shirts, two from this pattern: tops D & C

The first one (D) I like.  The second one I made…..not so crazy about.  It’s probaby the color I used.

I did just finish a peasant blouse, but I don’t think it’s a keeper.

It is funny thinking about constructing shorts when the nights have been hovering around 35, and days getting up to a whopping 60.  Ah well.

Yesterday Sis and I went for a quick trip to Joann Fabrics.  We both grabbed a pattern or two, and some fabric of course.  I had pattern for cargo pants/shorts (McCall’s 5633) so I scored some denim 50% off thank you very much, and started laying out the pieces for the shorts this morning.  I do have some nice chino fabric in army green for the pants, but I’m gonna wait to see how the shorts fit first, and go from there.

Clutch is gonna be 4 months old tomorrow.  He had his last round of shots last week, and I swear he grows about an inch for every nap he takes!



Now a retired driver, I’ve become a Knitwear designer. We also run an Etsy shop. Stitch Markers, embroidered items and bags. I knit, a lot and have recently journeyed into designing. I love socks! The warmth and pride of making my own socks. The joy of someone else begging you to knit them a pair. Other hobbies (obsessions) include - sewing, (I’ve also just started a quilting project!), weaving, spinning, machine embroidery, counted cross stitch, playing with King Clutch the Puggle, and the Friday night drag races with my man. I also deal with Dysautonomia/POTS everyday. Life is a roller coaster.

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