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Weight Loss, and an Awesome Website with a Swarm of Recipes!

And when I say a swarm, I mean a TON of recipes!

If you haven’t discovered Green Lite Bites then man are you missing out!

The best part (besides the food being delish!) It’s actually good for you! And the BF hasn’t had any complaints! For a guy that loves food NOT to complain, that has to tell you something!

Since I’ve been trying to lose weight, damn POTS meds put a bunch of pounds on me, Roni’s recipes have helped tremendously! It’s been 4 weeks tomorrow, and I think I’ve hit the -10 lb mark. 🙂 Last I knew(Monday), I lost 9.something…….But I’m not weighing myself for a few days, or maybe tomorrow. The BF has lost just about the same too. 🙂

My favorite that I have just about ever night — Banana Soft Serve I usually add frozen Blueberries or frozen Strawberries, and it lasts me two nights. 🙂 can you say yummy? If your doing WW Points + = 0 FREE!!! For a crunch, I add one serving of All-Bran cereal in my bowl +3

Last night we had Deep Dish Crescent Pizza Casserole and OMG it was sooo good! Here’s a shot of my piece. 🙂 If your doing WW Points + = 10. ( I did one layer of the peperoni)



Now a retired driver, I’ve become a Knitwear designer. We also run an Etsy shop. Stitch Markers, embroidered items and bags. I knit, a lot and have recently journeyed into designing. I love socks! The warmth and pride of making my own socks. The joy of someone else begging you to knit them a pair. Other hobbies (obsessions) include - sewing, (I’ve also just started a quilting project!), weaving, spinning, machine embroidery, counted cross stitch, playing with King Clutch the Puggle, and the Friday night drag races with my man. I also deal with Dysautonomia/POTS everyday. Life is a roller coaster.

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