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Has it really been that long?!?

I just looked back at the date of my last post, and, well…. I could make a grandiose excuse while telling you that Clutch had complete control of my computer and iPad and was trying to take over the world while demanding all the bones and cookies to keep him fat and happy.

I wouldn't dream of doing that

But, I will say, Clutch is very, very demanding!

But cute! Just look at that face!

Speaking of time slips….

I dug out the sweater I was knitting for one of my boys a few years ago. Why didn't I finish it??

Well, you see, he decided to weight lift, and bulked up. The body of the sweater DIDN'T FUCKING FIT!! This made me die a little and cry inside.

I sighed, and put it in a bag, in a dark corner and covered it up with stash yarn.

This is the offending almost sweater…


Just for shits and giggles, I tried it on…. Guess what? IT FUCKING FITS ME

Now, you would think this is a great thing!

Alas, no. I can't figure out where I left off. I tried!


Sooooooo, I'm gonna FROG this beautifully squishy almost sweater, and start swatching for an even more FABOLOUS sweater for ME.





Now a retired driver, I’ve become a Knitwear designer. We also run an Etsy shop. Stitch Markers, embroidered items and bags. I knit, a lot and have recently journeyed into designing. I love socks! The warmth and pride of making my own socks. The joy of someone else begging you to knit them a pair. Other hobbies (obsessions) include - sewing, (I’ve also just started a quilting project!), weaving, spinning, machine embroidery, counted cross stitch, playing with King Clutch the Puggle, and the Friday night drag races with my man. I also deal with Dysautonomia/POTS everyday. Life is a roller coaster.


  1. That was a really great Almost Sweater, but your selfish sweater is going to be Amazing 🙂
    (and let’s not talk about how long it’s been since I updated my own blog)

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