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Lots of New Goin’ ons

Yes, I know… you may scold me.  It’s been 2 years……. 


As the title implies, there have been quite a bit of changes going on….

First, in February after 9 years together, WE GOT ENGAGED!!

I just love the ring! White Gold with a little Rose Gold.

Engagement Ring

Second, well it actually happened before we became engaged…we changed the name of the Etsy Shop.  No longer are we Moonfire HandKnits, but Random Stitching…


You can check out the Etsy shop here.  I’m always adding items.  From Stitch Markers, to Needle Minders to Embroidered Items, and sometimes even knitting!

You can also find my Sock pattern, Blue Day Socks in the Etsy Shop, Raverly, Knit Picks and now Craftsy as well!  I have finally gotten into Knit Picks and updated the pattern.  I can’t believe I actually found my login information!!  I also added it to the Craftsy site as well today.  So that was my huge accomplishment for today.  I wrote about the designing a little here.

Blue Day Socks Full

Honestly, Random Stitching fits SOOOOO much better!

Mostly because, well, I’m as Random as they come.

So, what have I been knitting?  2 LACE shawls.  That’s right.  Not 1, but 2.  Both are by Laura Nelkin

I absolutely love her designs and her Classes on Craftsy! One is Called Skywalker, and the other one is a Mystery Knit Along or MKAL.  Skywalker is almost done, and of course I fell behind in the MKAL.  I’ll finish it.  I spent way too much $$$ not to finish it!!

I will show pictures as soon as they are done…….. but as a tease…. here are 2 pictures I had taken from the MKAL.






Now a retired driver, I’ve become a Knitwear designer. We also run an Etsy shop. Stitch Markers, embroidered items and bags. I knit, a lot and have recently journeyed into designing. I love socks! The warmth and pride of making my own socks. The joy of someone else begging you to knit them a pair. Other hobbies (obsessions) include - sewing, (I’ve also just started a quilting project!), weaving, spinning, machine embroidery, counted cross stitch, playing with King Clutch the Puggle, and the Friday night drag races with my man. I also deal with Dysautonomia/POTS everyday. Life is a roller coaster.

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