I’m Vicki and welcome!

To start off, I wanted something to do, and needed a medium to vent; a chance to unload, so I’ve started this blog thing. I am aiming to post more, and with more Interesting content instead of just little posts.  I really do like to make things rather than buy them when I can.  I might even post about what I learn making this quilt.  I can’t keep talking to  Clutch, he is looking at me funny now. He’s the puggle, so cute!  Actually, he is the King around here.

King Clutch

This is why I need to vent: I’ve been pent-up and ‘broken’ since May 2009.

I have P.O.T.S. It’s a form of Dysautonomia.

In a nutshell, my nervous system is screwed up.  I stand up, my heart rate jumps to 130+ instantly.  My body cannot regulate like a ‘normal’ persons.  I cannot be out in the humid/hot weather (I can’t breathe right in it )  So, on really bad days, I retire to the recliner.  It feels so much better when I’m lying down and in the AC on hot/humid days.

So here I sit, (feet up) within these four walls, knitting away.  Oh, did I mention I knit?   Well, I do.  I also spin, weave, sew and now quilt. It is keeping me sane being sick.  I hate the word ‘sick’.  I like ‘broken’ better, because one day, fingers and toes crossed, I will mend.

Besides knitting, I just took up Quilting, I spin, weave and sew.  I’m also a video game junkie (when my symptoms aren’t too bad).   I also have food allergies, so I’m constantly twisting recipes around.
I have designed a sock knitting pattern that is available on Ravelry, Craftsy & Knit Picks. (Blue Day Socks).  Some day I will finish the second pattern I started.

I live with my fiance and King Clutch the Puggle, in NH.  We just had our 9 year anniversary and became engaged, in February.  He has been really great through all of this P.O.T.S. shit.  It took us so long to find each other, I have to get better.  I will get better! Damn it!!!


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  1. Hello
    I just discovered your blog and I like it; also live in NH (seacoast area), love to knit a lot (sanity helper) and am doing some writing. Mostly a “housewife homebody”, but love to go on adventures with friends sometimes, too. Anyway, thanks for posting on aspects of your life, because I enjoy reading about other people living their lives. Please don’t give up the fight on your chronic health issues; all of us have something we are dealing with, and I think you are very brave and open about your struggles.

    So thank you for sharing your life with the rest of us. And hang in there, things could get a lot better, you know.

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