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Memorial Weekend

Ya, I’m slightly late with posting, sorry.
The new garden went in on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend.  It’s roughly 20′ x 20′ and it was all tilled in about an hour.  That’s 4 passes!  Not too shabby. Plus the roto-tiller only cost 50 bucks for a four-hour rental.  🙂

My honey really is the greatest!  ;0)

I haven’t done much knitting, but I have been sewing some……pictures later.

Now for the garden evolution.
My Honey bringing the tiller to the backyard for some serious turning!

Just look at this bad boy!

Area is all staked out. Let the fun begin!

First Pass — Clutch is supervising!

Second, third and fourth passes all look the same ;0)

OOOOOOOOOOOOOO yummy soil just waiting for veggies!

Raking for a finishing touch!

Fence is going up.

One side almost………

One side is done. ;0) I love my gate.

Clutch is inspecting the work. Not too shabby!  There is NO WAY that groundhog is getting in here! (I hope!)

Yea! All done!

These are the veggies waiting to go into the garden.


I’ll post more pictures in a few days, or even tomorrow ;0)

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First tomato of 2010!

The first cherry tomato appeared all ripe and ready today! It actually came from one of the container plants. We were curious which plants (ground vs container) were to produce first.  The only thing I’ve been doing is watering, and feeding egg shells (crushed) and coffee grounds (filter & all).  They seem to love it!  Best of all, NO CHEMICALS!

There are more cherry tomatoes starting to ripen. They will be gobbled up this week! The beefsteak tomatoes are getting there, can’t wait for those! I’m thinking sauce & meatballs…

Clutch is still curious about the plants, and tries to dig in the garden whenever it’s open, but leaves the plants alone. Next week he’ll be 7 months old!

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Therapi – the Wooly Kind

Rainy and cold one day about a month ago, combined with a slew of bad ‘P.O.T.S.’ Days, I needed some Therapi. I found this wonderful pattern on Knitty. I had some purple Quatro in my stash, and thought this would be perfect for it!

So far, I’ve gotten the body finished, and now, I’m Magic Loopn’ the sleeves.  I’ve almost got the sleeves finished, yea!  You can check out some pics of progress so far.  I’ll post some pics here in a few days.

Honestly I really didn’t think the wool would be as soft as it is, and I really like working with it.  I just wish it was easier to get.  I ended up buying it from Royal Yarns.

As far as WIPs:

  • Therapi (of course)

I had 2 other project, but those got s*&t canned and the yarn/wool reclaimed for other projects that I haven’t quite thought up yet.  I am considering writing up the socks I knitted last year, and possibility a scarf pattern.

I am going to cast-on a small lacy shawl with some beading.  But I really have to work on Colby’s Iain Sweater.  I had ran outa yarn, so that was my excuse (can u think of a better one?) to work on Therapi.  But now I have more, and so off I will go to work on the elusive Iain.

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Add Sewing to the mix

Recently I went back to sewing.  Before you gasp and exclaim ‘ What about the knitting?! ‘ I’m still knitting, just not as much.  Yes, the yarn is crying to be picked up.    I just wanted to complete a project in less than a week. The P.O.T.S. days don’t help much either!  Hint: that’s when I knit.  ;0)

I have completed 3 shirts, two from this pattern: tops D & C

The first one (D) I like.  The second one I made…..not so crazy about.  It’s probaby the color I used.

I did just finish a peasant blouse, but I don’t think it’s a keeper.

It is funny thinking about constructing shorts when the nights have been hovering around 35, and days getting up to a whopping 60.  Ah well.

Yesterday Sis and I went for a quick trip to Joann Fabrics.  We both grabbed a pattern or two, and some fabric of course.  I had pattern for cargo pants/shorts (McCall’s 5633) so I scored some denim 50% off thank you very much, and started laying out the pieces for the shorts this morning.  I do have some nice chino fabric in army green for the pants, but I’m gonna wait to see how the shorts fit first, and go from there.

Clutch is gonna be 4 months old tomorrow.  He had his last round of shots last week, and I swear he grows about an inch for every nap he takes!

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Introducing ——- Clutch the Puggle!

We got him on March 21, 2010 two days before my B-day. He was 8 weeks old when we brought him home, he is now 12 weeks old. (How’s that for an excuse for not blogging for a while!?)

Here is one of Clutch at 8 weeks old:
Staying warm 3/23/10

As far as knitting goes, I did manage to make him a hooded sweatshirt the first week:
Clutch 046
Clutch 050

Needless to say we have been training— a lot! Right now we are learning to ring a bell to go outside. He’s catching on fairly quick. He saw a neighbor walking down the street, and he rang the bell. He wanted OUT! LOL

I will leave you with a few more pics of Clutch the Puggle!!!

Clutch the Puggle