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I Made A Thing To Make Other Things –

I made a thing to make other things – and it’s absolutely HUGE!

What is this Huge, wonderful thing that will assist in other things?

Why a Design Wall for Quilting of course!

So, you may ask – what’s so special about this wall?  WELL.  deep subject

Here she is!  She measures – 83″ x 93″  Bonus – it’s double sided!  That’s right folks, I can work on 2 projects at once if I so choose.  This gives me a happy.


Actually, it’s a pretty easy answer – I can take it apart and store it with very little space!

It’s made from one of my favorite materials to work with – PVC Pipe.  That’s right, I built a frame from PVC pipe. 3/4″ to be exact.  I also purchased 3 3 yard cuts of 72″ wide felt from JoAnn’s and seamed them together along the length.  The third cut I only used roughly 21″ wide, but the full 3 yards length.  After that was stitched up, I simply closed the top with a seam.  Voila!  Double sided Design Wall

Just so you can see, here is my frame being built in the sun room –

wall frame

I was going to end the post here, but I’ll admit my bonehead move –  you see, I built this in the sun-room, and when I finally finished wrestling the felt and pipes getting the cover on, I was ecstatic!

Then I then realized I couldn’t get it through the door to my office/studio!

washdinosIf you’re a firefly fan, you’ll understand…

So, I had to wait for the man to get home………. and then we moved her into the office/studio.  Now it’s shiny and happy waiting to be used.

And of course I did have to try it…. I used some of my HST’s for my table runner…



Once I square up my HST’s, I’ll stick them on the wall and show you….

So, what do you think?


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Sock Design — Phase 1 Complete! 6/24/11

Yea!!!  Finally I have the INITIAL pattern finished!

Now I need a NAME for these socks!

I was going to name them ‘Blue Day Socks’ — would it still be a fitting name if made in a different color?  Probably not.  Any suggestions?
I wanted to share the news, I’m just ecstatic!  I spent 3 days experimenting with cast off edges— ugg!  I am happy the way it came out!
Sorry if the pictures are a little funny, I really need Sock Blockers.


Next phase, I must cast on, and test out the pattern myself, and put the final touches on the written pattern.

The Pattern will be for sale on Ravelry.  I’ll post an announcement here for all of you knitters. 🙂

A knitting I shall go!   🙂

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Garden Update — June 21, 2011

First day of Summer!

1:16 pm

What a difference a week, coffee & grounds, compost & compost tea makes!

June 14, 2011

Before Compost, Coffee, Coffee Grounds & Compost Tea…




and now, June 21, 2011

Squashes, beans, cucumbers  and peas

Boy, do I have more weeding to do!

I was surprised that the coffee and ESPECIALLY the compost and compost tea made such a huge difference!  Even the strawberry perked right up!

The ‘tea’ was super easy to make — 5 gallon pail, fill 3/4 way with water, add in a few handfuls of compost, stir and let sit for about 2 days.  I waited to 2 days, and then using a container, I fed each plant.  The next day, they shot up, greened up, and look sooooo much better!

What do you do/use in your garden?  I would love to hear what different people use/do.

I’m trying to keep everything I use Organic — No pesticides!

I still have more squashes, cucumbers, cantaloupe and others to plant.  I’m just transplanting into the garden a few at a time.  I’ve been scouring YouTube for ideas for trellises.  I absolutely love the idea of growing butternut and spaghetti squash vertical!  The cucumbers, cantaloupe, and strawberry can be trained also.  ;0)    Here are 2 videos that are inspiring me..(the second one is a bit loud!)……

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Weightloss, Sock update n’ a LYS store visit

I finally broke out of the 200 range!  I’m 7-tenths away from a 20 lb loss! ❤

Yesterday I stopped in at Charlotte’s Web  OH HOW I COULD STAY IN THERE FOR HOURS!  So many different yummy yarns!  It is a small shop, but it is STUFFED with fiber!  It’s like you walk in, jaw drops, and you think, OH. MY. GOD.  ya, like that.

If you live in the Exeter, NH area, you have to check out Charlotte’s Web.

I wanted to take home so many different things, but I was good.  I ended up bringing home a skein of one of my favorite sock yarns

So far I’ve made two pairs with this brand.  It wears brilliantly.  I don’t know if you can see it, but there is a bit of purple mixed in with the blue, black and white.  The colors remind me of  a comfy pair of jeans and a tee-shirt.

Speaking of socks 🙂

I’m finishing up the DIP (DESIGN IN PROGRESS) —  I started the cuff finally!

Next step is to test knit with the matching sock. (Yes, I still have to knit the other sock! uggh, I know, right?)

I can’t wait to put it up for sale on Ravelry!  These are a size Large (womans’ 10-11) You must be thinking – damn those are big!  Well, what can I say, I’m a big girl  ;0)

I still have to write-up the medium and small sizes.  Hopefully those won’t give me too much trouble.

Any volunteers for testing the size Large?  When it’s ready of course. 🙂 I’ll be putting it up on Rav – Testing Pool and I’ll put a link here too 🙂  Leave a comment, I would love to hear what you all think of the Socks!