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I Made A Thing To Make Other Things –

I made a thing to make other things – and it’s absolutely HUGE!

What is this Huge, wonderful thing that will assist in other things?

Why a Design Wall for Quilting of course!

So, you may ask – what’s so special about this wall?  WELL.  deep subject

Here she is!  She measures – 83″ x 93″  Bonus – it’s double sided!  That’s right folks, I can work on 2 projects at once if I so choose.  This gives me a happy.


Actually, it’s a pretty easy answer – I can take it apart and store it with very little space!

It’s made from one of my favorite materials to work with – PVC Pipe.  That’s right, I built a frame from PVC pipe. 3/4″ to be exact.  I also purchased 3 3 yard cuts of 72″ wide felt from JoAnn’s and seamed them together along the length.  The third cut I only used roughly 21″ wide, but the full 3 yards length.  After that was stitched up, I simply closed the top with a seam.  Voila!  Double sided Design Wall

Just so you can see, here is my frame being built in the sun room –

wall frame

I was going to end the post here, but I’ll admit my bonehead move –  you see, I built this in the sun-room, and when I finally finished wrestling the felt and pipes getting the cover on, I was ecstatic!

Then I then realized I couldn’t get it through the door to my office/studio!

washdinosIf you’re a firefly fan, you’ll understand…

So, I had to wait for the man to get home………. and then we moved her into the office/studio.  Now it’s shiny and happy waiting to be used.

And of course I did have to try it…. I used some of my HST’s for my table runner…



Once I square up my HST’s, I’ll stick them on the wall and show you….

So, what do you think?